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Dr Irena Eris - TELOMERIC 60+ - Concentrated Tightening Eye Cream

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Dr Irena Eris - TELOMERIC 60+ - Concentrated Tightening Eye Cream with SPF 20.

The first series of cosmetics based on telomeres, which have been awarded Nobel Medical 2009!

To extend the life of the cells and stop the deepening of the wrinkles Center for Science and Research Dr Irena Eris has developed an innovative active ingredient Telomeric ™ . It maintains the telomeres (the DNA fragments located at the ends of chromosomes in the cells)in good condition, which is clearly entering a phase of slow aging fibroblasts.Telomeric ™ new series, recommended for women over 60 year of age. Provides elastic, expressive face contours and a uniform color of the skin, without wrinkles, redness, dilated pores and discoloration.

The content of wheat protein in the cream reduces the harmful effects of UV radiation. This is particularly important for the skin under the eyes, much thinner than in other parts of the face. The complex of soy protein and rice and yeast biotechnology peptide enhances the supporting collagen fibers. Strengthened and adequately protected mesh of collagen and elastin provides improved blood micro-circulation, which leads to a significant reduction in bruising under the eyes and reduce bags under the eyes.

Recommended for daily care of women after 60 years of age (also for sensitive skin) for day and night.

Apply under eyes every morning and evening.

15ml / 0.5 fl.oz.