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Lirene - OXY in AQUA - Oxygenating Rejuvenating Night Cream for normal skin

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Product Description

Lirene - OXY in AQUA - Oxygenating Rejuvenating Night Cream for normal skin

The skin deprived of access to oxygen loses illumination and hydration: it turns gray and saggy, wrinkles appear on it.
To meet the need for a radiant and smoothed complexion, a moisturizing cosmetics line Oxy in Aqua was created.

This lightweight cosmetic is ideal for evening care. It helps to provide intense hydration, smoothing and reduction
of wrinkles and improving skin elasticity, and when used systematically - prevents signs of aging.

Active ingredients and benefits of using:

Oxygenating Complex - rich in 15 amino acids, stimulating skin nutrition and regeneration, gives the effect of 
   oxygenation. It increases the elasticity, firmness and smoothness of the skin, which makes the skin radiant and 
   regains a youthful appearance.
Active vitamin E - enclosed in micro capsules, penetrates and builds into the structure of the epidermal cell 
   membrane, providing anti-radical, and therefore rejuvenating effect.
Avocado oil - bio-compatible with lipid components of the skin perfectly moisturizes and protects it.
Murunda extract - is the richest natural source of vitamin C. By penetrating the skin, it protects cells from 
   oxidative stress caused by air pollution, UV radiation or stressful lifestyle, evens out color and prevents wrinkles. 
   As a result, the skin is regenerated, regains youthful glow and looks healthy.

In the evening, apply cream onto a cleansed skin face and neck.

50ml / 1.7 fl.oz.