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Lirene - FOLACIN 50+ - Anti-wrinkle Lifting Day Cream

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Product Description

Lirene - FOLACIN 50+ - Anti-wrinkle Lifting Day Cream with SPF10.

INNOVATION - double protection of DNA The unique combination of complexes of folate and proTELOMER ™ to maintain a youthful appearance. Folate (folic acid)  - the breakthrough ingredient in the world of cosmetology, first used by Lirene.

It protects the DNA sequences encoding, providing:
• an effective reduction in the number and depth of wrinkles
• the growth and repair of damaged cells with age In line 50 Folate Folic acid has been enhanced to improve tissue metabolism of copper ions, forming a novel complex folicum ™.  

ProTELOMER - the formula protects telomeres (end of chromosomal DNA), which over time are shortened, inhibiting cell division.

Activates the repair and helps maintain:
• appropriate rate of regeneration and cell viability
• long youthfulness of the skin, restoring a beautiful appearance

The basis of the cream is a combination of age-appropriate doses of innovative complexes folicum ™ and proTELOMER ™, protecting DNA and selection of additional active ingredients which are optimally suited for skin 50 +

Basis ingredients:
firming moisturizing with hyaluron
vitamin C (in an innovative form) - more effective in removing wrinkles and smoothing out the skin,
avocado oil - reinforce the protective lipid barrier of the skin, ensure skin hydration and gently restore the proper level of skin surface lipids,

Visible result:
after 4 weeks of product use, tests confirmed improvement in skin elasticity, smoothness, hydration and wrinkle reduction in 100% of subjects tested.

Massage the cream gently onto the clean skin of the face and neck.

1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml