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Lirene - Dilated Capillaries - Anti-Wrinkle Regenerating Night Cream

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Lirene - Dilated Capillaries - Anti-wrinkle Regenerating Night Cream

Lirene Dilated Capillaries line cosmetics are addressed to those who are prone to dilated and broken blood vessels. The preparations included in the line constitute a complete care regime for skin with capillary problems. They provide effective protection against such external factors as UV-rays and low temperatures. The line features substances, shrink and seal blood vessels, which work to augment blood circulation, reduce swellings and redness, reduce fragility and break ability of capillaries and prevent new lesions.

A synergic combination of plant-derived complexes produces a protective and strengthening action on blood vessels while supplementing the action of soothing substances contained in the preparations. Lipid compounds present in the cosmetics strengthen the natural protective barrier - the hydro-lipid coat that protects the skin against the harmful impact of the environment and prevents excessive water loss. Intensive moisturizing components provide optimal and long-lasting moisturizing .

Cream effectively renews and visibly smooths the skin while minimizing the problem of vascular skin, thanks to the compactness of pumpkin seed extract, diosmin and cranberries. Contained in the cream Shea butter in combination with glycerol, moisturizes and maintains the optimal level of hydration of the tissue. The cream also has a soothing effect, bringing relief to irritated, reddened skin.

Effects of application:
• smoothing skin and reducing wrinkles
• Reduce the visibility of dilated capillaries
• Increasing tension and firmness
• Skin regeneration
• Reduce redness
• ensures the skin smoothing cream, increasing its power and firmness.

Use: Use as a night cream. This face cream is recommended for all types of skin with dilated and breaking capillaries and visible wrinkles.

1.7 fl.oz. / 50 ml