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Eris Pharmaceris N - VITA-CAPILARIL - Moisturizing and Strengthening Cream with SPF20

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Eris Pharmaceris N - VITA-CAPILARIL - Moisturizing and Strengthening Cream with SPF20

A moisturizing and replenishing cream for everyday skin care.
Moisturizing and strengthening of lightweight, fast-absorbing formula due to the synergistic action of wax, oil and glycerin penetrates into the skin perfectly bound and permanently keeping water in the epidermis.

Extract from the golden algae strengthens the skin's lipid protective coat to prevent excessive smothering humidity. The cream provides long-lasting moisturizing effect eliminating the discomfort feeling of dryness.
Vitamin PP has a strengthening effect on the blood vessels by reducing the degree of redness.
Complex contained in the cream and tioproliny having tiotainy patent neutralizes free radicals specifically protects cellular structures against damage. It regenerates the skin restoring softness and smoothness of the skin.
Regular application of the cream reduces skin hyperreactivity to external factors.

Apply twice a day.

Problem of dilated capillaries affects more and more people, usually with delicate, thin and sensitive skin. Fragility of capillaries and their excessive permeability lead to face redness, the feeling of burning and hotness. With time the erythema becomes permanent and a network of dilated capillaries, the so-called telangiectasis, appears on the face. Fragile capillaries break and leave permanent marks on the skin, or “spider veins”. Acne rosacea may develop on skin with dilated capillaries.

· You can strengthen the capillaries and reduce the risk of developing subsequent capillary changes by using specialist cosmetic products.
· Use gentle enzymatic peeling.
· Protect your skin properly against sun exposure by using creams with UVA and UVB filters

· Cleansing your face and body with hot water, the water temperature should be moderate
· Washing with hard, chlorinated water.
· Face overheating (avoid sunbathing and solarium)


50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz.