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Eris Pharmaceris N - CAPINON N 1% - Cream with Vitamin K Reducing Capillary Permeability

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Product Description

Eris Pharmaceris N - CAPINON N 1% - Cream with Vitamin K Reducing Capillary Permeability.

Recommended for daily use for the sensitive skin with dilated capillaries and the skin which is prone to periodic hyper-reactivity triggered by such external factors as temperature, intense emotions, or the consumption of alcohol or spicy foods. It is recommended for use before and after a esthetic surgery and cosmetic procedures to strengthen capillaries, reduce erythema and boost skin recovery. It is recommended for people prone to bruising, petechiae, ecchymosis, dark circles under the eyes, preventively for the skin prone to rosacea.

The product containing vitamin K at 1% concentration soothes and reduces the intensity of skin redness, minimizing the appearance of dilated capillaries. Reduces periodic erythema resulting from prolonged exposure to external aggressors. Vitamin K reduces the permeability of vascular walls and prevents capillary breakage and permanent redness. Prepares the skin for a esthetic surgery procedures, minimizing skin redness and irritation. It significantly boosts skin recovery after surgical procedures, soothing irritation and eliminating tightness and erythema.

Prepare the skin by cleansing with a Pharmaceris N product. Apply the cream to the face and neck. Use daily in the morning and evening. Can be used as an under make-up base.

30 ml / 1.0 fl.oz.