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Eris Pharmaceris A - VITA-SENSILIUM - Deeply Moisturizing Cream

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Product Description

Eris - Pharmaceris A - VITA-SENSILIUM Deeply Moisturizing Cream with SPF20

A delicate, fragrance-free deeply moisturizing cream for daily skin care. Soothes irritations and leaves skin feeling lubricated and soft. Delivers a specially selected combination of vitamins and natural ingredients: - vitamin A aids to stimulate the skin, delaying its flaccidity - vitamin E, as an active antioxidant, protects collagen fibers from degradation - vitamin C strengthens blood vessels, prevents aging and stimulates collagen production - the combination of allantoin and vitamin B5 soothes irritations and reduces the feeling of "tight" skin - sweet almond oil renews the natural lipid mantel, softens and makes the skin more elastic.

Recommended for daily care of sensitive skin susceptible to allergies, atopic skin inflammations or improper keratosis of the epidermis

Excessive reaction to chemical and atmospheric factors, or skin hypersensitivity, is most often associated with weakened protective lipid layer – too thin a protective barrier enables irritants to come into direct contact with the skin.

· Use light milks and toners to cleanse your skin, and if you do not like to cleanse your face without water, use special washing gels that do not contain soap.
· For skin care use light hypoallergenic creams for hypersensitive skin that are fragrance and colorant-free.
· Use gentle enzymatic peelings.

· Traditional soaps when washing your face.
· Cosmetic formulas that contain alcohol and fruit acids.
· Abrasive peelings that mechanically remove dead skin cells.
· Rubbing your face too hard when cleansing and wiping.
· Chlorinated water for washing; after swimming in a pool thoroughly rinse your skin and apply skin care cream.
· Frequent changes of your cosmetics – sensitive skin does not like experiments.


50 ml / 1.7 fl.oz.