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Eris Pharmaceris A - OPTI-SENSILIUM - Duo Active Anti Wrinkle Eye Cream

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Product Description

Eris Pharmaceris A - OPTI-SENSILIUM Duo Active Anti-wrinkle Eye Cream is a gentle, fragrance-and oil-free.

The cream has duoactive properties, visibly smoothing out wrinkles and deeply nourishing tired skin.

An innovative peptide and vitamin E increase elastin and collagen synthesis, fortifying skin structure and restoring its firmness.

Provides excellent nourishment and hydration owing to high content of natural nourishing oils (from Babassu, Passiflora and rice). Forms a protective barier against drying out and adverse impact of external factors.

THE SCIENTIFICALLY ADVANCED, INNOVATIVE IMMUNO-PREBIOTIC and LEUKINE-BARRIER FORMULA is focused on regulating the skin's immune system and soothing any irritation. It stimulates the development of protective and beneficial microflora of the epidermis, which reduces hypersensitivity of the skin. Actively prevents irritation, redness, itching and burning sensations. The formula contributes significantly to a health appearance and condition of the skin.

Recommended for daily care of skin around the eyes for persons with sensitive skin, susceptible to allergies and irritations.

Use twice a day applying delicately to the eye areas. Direct eye contact with the product should be avoided.


15 ml / 0.5 fl.oz