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Dr Irena Eris - TELOMERIC 60+ - Dermal Repair Night Cream

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Dr Irena Eris - TELOMERIC 60+ - Dermal Lifting Repair Night Cream.

The first series of cosmetics based on telomeres, which have been awarded Nobel Medical 2009!

To extend the life of the cells and stop the deepening of the wrinkles Centre for Science and Research Dr Irena Eris has developed an innovative active ingredient Telomeric ™ . It maintains the telomeres (the DNA fragments located at the ends of chromosomes in the cells)in good condition, which is clearly entering a phase of slow aging fibroblasts.Telomeric ™ new series, recommended for women over 60 year of age.Provides elastic, expressive face contours and a uniform color of the skin, without wrinkles, redness, dilated pores and discoloration.

The cream stimulates the processof reconstruction of the skin and restores its tight, uniform structure and prevent its sagging.Thanks to the content of sodium hyaluronate skin maintains proper moisture level, which allows it to preserve the functionality appropriate for young skin. Active vitamin C counteracts discoloration and stains pigmentacyjnym, reduces the adverse effects of UV and inhibits the aging of the skin.
Recommended for daily care of women after 60 years of age (also for sensitive skin) at night.

Apply every evening onto a cleansed face.

75ml / 2.5 fl.oz.