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Dilated Capillaries

Have you noticed any red "spiders’ webs" on your face or excessively dilated blood vessels?

If yes, then your skin suffers from dilated capillaries.

The walls of blood vessels are weak, so your skin becomes red easily and sensitive or hard to care for. The problem of visibly dilated blood vessels concerns women of various ages; most often, it is connected with inborn shallow skin vascularisation, hypersensitivity of the skin or hormonal changes. Additionally, wind, low temperatures, exposure to frequent temperature changes (e.g. entering heated rooms during winter) as well as overexposure to sun, using a sauna or solarium are conducive to the formation of "spiders’ webs".

 Eliminating any irritating substances is the most important task when taking care of skin with vascularisation problems. It is necessary to select the correct cosmetics that contain sealing ingredients and strengthen capillary walls.

Suitable products should contain such ingredients as horse chestnut extracts, which reduce the fragility of blood vessels, or mountain arnica extracts, which reduce reddening and support blood microcirculation. The use of vitamins is also extremely important – vitamin PP prevents dilatation of the capillary vessels whereas vitamin C seals them.

Suitable products should also be able to protect your skin against sun rays and other unfavourable weather conditions. Therefore, it is important to use protective sunscreens before exposure to UVA/UVB.