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Skin aging is a natural process of gradual decrease in the activity of cells called fibroblasts, and the slowing down of their renewal process. Fibroblasts are the main cells in the dermis which are responsible for the production of skin’s basic structural components: collagen, elastin, hyaluronic acid. The activity of fibroblasts slows down with age, which is why the structure and functionality of collagen and elastin fibers decreases. It is the weakening, deformation and atrophy of those supporting elements with age that makes the skin lose its suppleness and natural smoothness and become thinner, dry and wrinkled.


Skin aging starts with invisible changes between the age of 25 and 30, but the most visible sign of this process is the appearance of facial wrinkles. Wrinkle depth and intensity differs depending on the age. Consequently, 4 types of age-related wrinkles can be distinguished:
1. Fine lines on the face that are almost parallel to each other.
2. Crease lines in the skin that become increasingly permanent over time, especially with sun exposure.
3. Expression Lines – wrinkles that are caused by facial muscle movement.
4. Gravitational Folds – as the name implies, these lines are due to the effects of gravity and become increasingly obvious as skin begins to fold and sag.


Taking into account the stage in the progression of the skin aging process, 4 skin care lines have been developed corresponding to 4 types of wrinkles which occur at different ages. Together, the lines make up a 4-degree anti-wrinkle skin care program containing active ingredients that match the needs of the skin at specific ages:

1st degree of care - HYALURONIC SMOOTHING for age 30+
2nd degree of care - RETINOID REVITALIZATION for age 40+
3rd degree of care - PHYTOHORMONAL REJUVENATION for age 50+
4th degree of care - PEPTIDE LIFTING for age 60+