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As we grow older, we see and feel certain changes in our skin. Mature skin becomes drier, more wrinkled and spots appear. Aging of skin does not only appear on the surface of skin but also in its deeper layers. With age, skin loses elasticity and firmness, becomes looser and thinner, and acquires a dry, wrinkled texture.

When we reach the age of 25 we start noticing tiny lines around our eyes. After the age of 30, the lines become deeper and new lines on a forehead appear. After 40, wrinkles around the mouth and face oval becomes irregular.

Aging process depends on two factors:

- internal – genetic predisposition. Genes control how quickly the normal aging process unfolds. Some notice those first gray hairs in their 20s, others do not see graying until their 40s.
- external – environmental factors (mostly sun), facial expressions, gravity and smoking. 80% of skin changes are due the environmental factors.

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